Anabel Cole, MS

Anabel Cole is an Officer of Research at the Center and a lifelong resident of the Northern Manhattan community. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baruch College and a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from the New School for Public Engagement. Mrs. Cole has worked in the non-profit sector promoting the health and wellness of her community for nearly a decade. She is passionate about working to reduce health disparities and strongly believes that efforts at changing behavior and shaping policy are most effective when the community affected plays an active role in identifying their needs and public health concerns.

Mrs. Cole believes that partnerships between academic researchers, community-based agencies and the public sector, combine knowledge with action and are a powerful approach to tackling public health problems and promoting good health. She considers community health workers to be a key linkage between these sectors by assisting in research translation, system navigation, and promoting health literacy and community organizing.

Mrs. Cole is a member of the Community Health Worker Network of New York City and has previously served on the Center’s Community Advisory and Stakeholders Board (CASB). The role of the CASB is to assist the Center in translating the results of our research to community residents in the Northern Manhattan and South Bronx areas. During her tenure as board member, Mrs. Cole aided the Center in developing and disseminating environmental health education tip sheets.

In her position as Senior Research Worker at the Center, Mrs. Cole hopes to build community capacity by increasing the community’s knowledge about the effects of environmental exposures to hazardous contaminants on child development. She administers neurodevelopmental and behavior assessments to adolescents in the center’s longest running study. The research seeks to address environmental influences on the emergence and persistence of adolescent risk-taking and specific cognitive deficits that may interfere with learning. Additionally, Mrs. Cole maintains IRB protocols for the CCCEH Center and ensures regulatory compliance with the University’s Institutional Review Board.

Mrs. Cole’s areas of expertise include community outreach, nonprofit management, IRB regulatory compliance, health promotion, marketing and computer science.

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