March 2012: PAH and Behavioral Problems

Recent study led by Center Director Frederica Perera DrPH,  and colleagues, is the first report of associations between child attentional and behavioral problems among school‐age children and two complementary measures of prenatal PAH exposure. Findings have been highlighted in over 30 online news articles, including:

Read “Mom’s Exposure to Air Pollution Can Increase Kids’ Behavior Problems” on TIME or download a copy here.

Watch “Prenatal Pollutants Linked to Later Behavioral Ills” from ABCNews or download a copy of the article here.

Read “Exhaust fumes linked to bad behaviour” at Telegraph or download a copy here.

Read “Prenatal exposure to air pollution linked to childhood behavioral problems” from FOXNews.

Read “Breathing Smog in Pregnancy Linked to Child’s Behavior Problems” at MedlinePlus.


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