October 7, 2011: International Collaboration with Shanghai Key Laboratory

(From left to right): Darrell Holmes (Center technician), Dr. Jim Zhang, Dr. Fengxiu Ouyang, Dr. Deliang Tang (Center China Director), Dr. Ying Tian , Dr. Xiaodan Yu , Dr. Andrew Rundle (Center Investigator), Diurka Diaz (Center Research Worker), Dr. Lena Sun, Dr. Virginia Rauh (Center Deputy Director), Dr. Howard Andrews (Center Data Core Director)

To further promote our international efforts and collaborations in China, the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health (Columbia Center) hosted a visit with officials from the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children’s Environmental Health (Key Laboratory) on October 7, 2011. This visit was preceded by an initial meeting with Center Director, Dr. Frederica Perera, and Key Laboratory officials at the 23rd International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Conference held in Barcelona, Spain in September.

This visit will be a stepping stone for future collaborations which may include joint grant submissions, information sharing, and training programs between institutions. Future plans also include the Director of Columbia Center’s China studies, Dr. Deliang Tang, receiving an appointment as an adjunct faculty member at the Key Laboratory in Shanghai. The Executive Director of the Key Laboratory, Dr. Jim Zhang will then become a member of the Columbia Center’s Scientific Advisory Board, which solicits advice from external stakeholders with varying expertise in environmental health related issues.

The Shanghai Key Laboratory is one of the key labs approved by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in January 2005. It is the only key lab that focuses on children’s environmental health in China.

The collaboration will be facilitated through the Columbia Center’s Director of China Studies and Laboratory, Dr. Deliang Tang, Associate Professor of Clinical Environmental Health Sciences.

Included in the visit was a research overview and tour in which the Columbia Center’s lead investigators outlined the Center’s work over the past decade and highlighted key environmental exposures and health effects being studied. The Columbia Center team then heard about the work being conducted at the Key Laboratory by their core investigators. Lastly, Dr. Ezra Susser and his team from Columbia’s Department of Epidemiology spoke about their groundbreaking cohort studies in Europe.

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