October 25, 2011: Community Briefing Series

On October 25th 2011, the Center held the first of several planned community briefings that invited community leaders, elected officials, and policymakers to engage in dialogue about our research findings. The Center Director, Dr. Frederica Perera, discussed health risks associated with prenatal and early exposure to diesel exhaust, pesticides, indoor air allergens, and endocrine disrupting chemicals. WE ACT’s Executive Director Ms. Peggy Shepard presented on the current state of policy reform regarding exposures that are most common in our urban communities. Over 30 stakeholders engaged in an active discussion on how to effectively translate Center findings to encourage advocacy and prevention.  Those who attended the breakfast include representatives from the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as other health and community service organizations in the area.

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