August 2007: Mattel/Fisher Price Toy Recall; Community Outreach Lead Health Campaign

New York, NY — August, 2007 — The Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health (CCCEH) has responded to the recent Mattel/Fisher-Price Toy Recall by immediately alerting the families in its Mothers & Newborns Study cohort in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx. Many of the children in this study regularly use the toys that have been placed on alert.

In order to make the families in these communities aware of the risk, the CCCEH has sent out letters to each family in both English and Spanish, explaining how to recognize which products might be posing a risk to their child, how to dispose of the products safely, and resource numbers to call should there be any questions. In order to clearly demonstrate which toys have been recalled, the CCCEH is concurrently sending a list from Fisher-Price that includes pictures of these toys to the families. The letters address the following issues:

  • Potential effects of high levels of lead exposure on child health
  • Re-emphasis on how to safely remove the contaminated products from one’s home
  • How to get a lead test for one’s child
  • Basic tips on how to minimize child exposure to lead

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