Virginia Rauh, ScD

Virginia Rauh, ScD, MSW, has been working in the field of perinatal epidemiology since 1982. Her expertise is in the area of low birth weight and preterm delivery, particularly with respect to socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority populations. She has been principal investigator on numerous major research projects, including a randomized intervention trial for low birth weight infants, a multi-site study of lifestyles in pregnancy, a study of developmental outcomes of children born to inner-city adolescent mothers, a multi-level analysis of the impact of Head Start on New York City school children, a study of the effects of air pollutants on pregnant women and their children, and a study of links between race, stressors, and preterm birth. Dr. Rauh’s   work focuses on the adverse impact of exposure to air pollutants, including second hand smoke and pesticides; on pregnancy and child health; and the susceptibility of disadvantaged populations to environmental hazards. She is working with other Columbia faculty to study the effects of the World Trade Center disaster on pregnant women and newborns. She is primary instructor for the Child Health course within the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health. In addition, Dr. Rauh is an affiliated faculty member for the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program, and is currently directing an initiative to integrate air quality and socio-demographic information in New York City.

Honors & Awards:
Research Career Development Award, NIH NICHD; 1994

Selected Publications:

Rauh VA, Landrigan PJ, Claudio L. "Housing and Health: Intersection of Social and Physical exposures. Special issue: Reducing the Impact of Poverty on health and Human Development: Scientific Approaches" Annals of the NY Academy of Medicine 1136 276-288 2008

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