Steven Chillrud, PhD

Dr. Steven Chillrud is a Lamont Research Professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Director of the Exposure Assessment Facility Core of Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan. He is an environmental geochemist interested in public health research.

Much of Dr. Chillrud’s research is focused on the role of particles in the transport, behavior and fate of chemical contaminants. These particles can be fine-grained sediments in surface water bodies such as the Hudson River, sandy particles in groundwater aquifers, or airborne particles in indoor and outdoor settings. His air pollution work includes understanding the sources, behavior and exposure pathways of airborne contaminants as well as designing and testing new air monitoring devices, either to be used at fixed indoor and outdoor locations or to be worn by people. Dr. Chillrud works on a range of local, national and international public health studies.

Selected Publications:

Chillrud, S. N., Bopp, R. F., Simpson, H. J., Ross, J. M., Shuster, E. L., Chaky, D. A., Walsh, D. C., Choy, C. C., Tolley, L.-R., Yarme, A. (1999) Twentieth Century Atmospheric Metal Fluxes into Central Park Lake, New York City. Environ. Sci. Technol. 33:657-662. DOI:10.1021/es9807892

Kinney, P.L., S.N. Chillrud, S. Ramstrom, J. Ross, and J.D. Spengler. 2002. Exposures to Multiple Air Toxics in New York City. Environmental Health Perspectives 110(4): 539-546.

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Chillrud, S.N, D. Epstein, J. Ross, S. Ramstrom, D. Pederson, J.D. Spengler, and P. L. Kinney. 2004. Elevated airborne exposures to manganese, chromium and iron of teenagers from steel dust and New York City's subway system. Environ. Sci. Tech. 38:732-737.

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Chillrud, S. N., G. Hemming, J. Ross, S. Wallace, and N. LoIacono. 2005. Determination of lead isotopes in blood with separation by iron hydroxide co-precipitation and analysis by multi-collector ICP-MS, Applied Geochemistry 20: 807-813.

Chillrud SN, Grass D, Ross J, Coulibaly D. et al. 2005. Steel dust in the New York City subway system as a source of manganese, chromium and iron exposures for transit workers. J Urban Health 82: 33-42.

Geyh A.S, Chillrud S, Williams D, Herbstman JB, Symons JM, Rees K, Trupin,BJ, Lim, HJ, Kim, SR, Breysse PN 2005. Assessing Truck Driver Exposure at the World Trade Center Disaster Site: Personal and Area Monitoring for Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds during October 2001 and April 2002 J. Occ. Environ. Hygiene 2:179-193.

Keimowitz, A.R., S. Datta, H.J. Simpson, S.N. Chillrud, M. Stute, M. Tsang, J. Ross, (2005). Naturally-occurring arsenic: mobilization at a landfill in Maine and implications for remediation. Applied Geochemistry, 20: 1985-2002. Yan, B., Abrajano, T. A., Bopp. R. F., Chaky, D. A., Benedict, L. A., Chillrud, S. N. (2005) Molecular Tracers of Saturated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Inputs into Central Park Lake, New York City. Environ. Sci. Technol. 39(18):7012-7019. DOI:10.1021/es0506105.

Sax, S.N., D.H. Bennett, S.N. Chillrud, J. Ross, P. Kinney, J.D. Spengler, 2006. A cancer risk assessment of inner-city teenagers living in New York City and Los Angeles. Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(10):1558-1566. Louchouarn, P, Chillrud, S. N., Houel, S., Yan, B., Chaky, D., Rumpel, C., Largeau, C., Bardoux, G., Walsh, D., and Bopp R. F. (2007) Elemental and Molecular Evidence of Soot- and Char-Derived Black Carbon Inputs to New York City's Atmosphere during the 20th Century, Environ. Sci. Technol. 41(1):82 - 87. DOI:10.1021/es061304+.

Patel MM, L. Hoepner, R. Garfinkel, S. Chillrud, A. Reyes, J.W. Quinn, F. Perera, and R.L. Miller. 2009. Ambient Metals, Elemental Carbon, and Wheeze and Cough in New York City Children through 24 Months of Age. 2009. Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 180: 1107-1113. First published online as doi:10.1164/rccm.200901-0122OC. PMCID: PMC2784415

Grass D, J Ross, J Barbour, HJ Simpson, F Family, D Coulibaly, J Hernandez, Y Chen, V Slavkovich, Y. Li, RM Santella, P Brandt-Rauf. SN Chillrud, 2010. Airborne Particulate-Metals in the NYC Subway: A Pilot Study to Assess the Potential for Health Impacts. Environmental Research, 110: 1-11. PMID: 19926083 NIHMSID # 307818 PMCID: PMC3155846

Patel MM, Chillrud SN, Correa JC, Hazi, Y, Feinberg M, KC D, Prakash S, Ross JM, Levy D, Kinney PL, 2010. Traffic-Related Particulate Matter and Acute Respiratory Symptoms among NYC area Adolescents, Environmental Health Perspectives, 118 (9): 1338-1343. PMCID: PMC2944099; PMID: 21076621

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Yan BZ, Kennedy D, Miller RL, Cowin J, Jung KH, Perzanowski MS, Balletta M, Perara FP, Kinney PL, Chillrud SN (2011). Validating a nondestructive optical method for apportioning colored particulate matter into black carbon and additional components. Atmospheric Environment. 45:7478-86. Doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.01.044

Kinney, PL, Gatari, M., Volavka-Close, N., Ngo, N., Ndiba, PK., Law, A., Gachanja, A., Mwaniki, S., Chillurd, SN., Scalar, E. 2011. "Traffic Impacts on PM2.5 Air Quality in Nairobi, Kenya,” Environmental Science and Policy, 1 4 : 3 6 9-3 7 8.

Jung, K.H.; Bernabé, K.; Moors, K.; Yan, B.; Chillrud, S.N.; Whyatt, R.; Camann, D.; Kinney, P.L.; Perera, F.P.; Miller, R.L. 2011. Effects of Floor Level and Building Type on Residential Levels of Outdoor and Indoor Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Black Carbon, and Particulate Matter in New York City, Atmosphere, 2(2): 96-109. PMCID: PMC3163303

Cornell, A.G., S.N. Chillrud, R.B. Mellins, L.M. Acosta, R.L. Miller, J.W. Quinn, B. Yan, A. Divjan, O.E. Olmedo, S. Lopez-Pintado, P.L. Kinney, F.P. Perera, J.S. Jacobson, I.F. Goldstein, A.G. Rundle, M.S. Perzanowski. 2012. Domestic black carbon in air and exhaled nitric oxide in children in NYC. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, 22(3):258-66

Rodes, C. E., Chillrud, S. N., Haskell, W. L., Intille, S. S., Albinali, F., Rosenberger, M., 2012. Predicting Adult Pulmonary Ventilation Volume and Wearing Compliance by On-Board Accelerometry During Personal Level Exposure Assessments, Atmospheric Environment, 57: 126-137. NIHMSID # 382698

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