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The Center is a collaborative effort among investigators, research staff, and lab technicians from different disciplines and expertise, who are brought together to uncover the dangers of environmental toxicants harmful to children, with the goal of preventing childhood disease.

Our full-time staff members at the Center work together to sustain our cohort studies. For example, our technicians go into participant’s homes to capture dust samples and administer questionnaires and our research workers who are on call around the clock attend the births of study participants to ensure proper collection of precious cord blood for future analysis. In order for the Center to make the wonderful breakthroughs in research that we’ve had, we must have the capacity to retain and expand our cohort studies. We simply cannot do this without the participant mothers and children, and the staff members who support them.

Your aid would not only sustain this important and critical research in the short term, but the results of our work has the power to also yield long-term contributions to the field of children’s health that future generations can greatly benefit. Below is a short summary of our current initiatives that would greatly benefit from immediate support.

Cohort Studies in the United States, Poland, and China

  • Mothers and Newborns Study in New York City — Examining the health effects of environmental toxicants in women and children living in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx since 1998. The youngest children in the cohort are 8 years of age and the oldest are 17 years of age.
  • New York City Sibling Study –Launched in 2008, the study examines siblings of the original New York City cohort, with the unique ability to control for shared genetics and home environments to health outcomes.
  • Mothers and Newborns Study in Poland — Studying the effects of environmental pollutants in 500 children in Krakow, Poland, in collaboration with a team from Jagellonian University.

Translating Science to Action

  • Community Outreach — Collaborating with non-profit groups in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx to identify potential obstacles in delivering key environmental health messages to the community. They also provide input into the design and implementation of research.
  • Healthy Homes Healthy Child Initiative — An award winning newsletter produced in English and Spanish to raise local awareness of environmental pollutants that affect children’s health.
  • Research Translation — Communicating and making key research findings available to policy makers, advocacy groups, health professional and the general public.
  • Mapping Environmental Exposures Using Geographic Information System (GIS) — A team of expert biostatisticians who coordinate and map environmental exposure data and participant residents.

To learn more about our work in translating science to action, click here.

Current Health Areas of Interest

  • Asthma — Seeking to determine when young children are most vulnerable to air pollution exposure.
  • Fetal Growth and Neurodevelopment — Investigating the effect of prenatal exposure to air pollution, pesticides, second hand smoke, and endocrine disrupting chemicals on birth weight and child development.
  • Cancer Research — Assessing cancer risk in children exposed to air pollution in the womb, as well as during early infancy.
  • Obesity and Metabolic Disorders — Assessing whether exposures to endocrine disrupting chemicals during pregnancy and early childhood are associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome during early adolescence.

To see papers we have published, click here.

Questions? Please direct inquiries to:

Kimberly Burke
Coordinator for Community Outreach and Research Translation
[email protected]

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