Community Outreach and Engagement

The Center is a valuable resource to organizations working to improve the environmental health of communities — locally, nationally, and globally. Our scientific research generates new findings that show how children’s growth and development can be affected by exposure to common pollutants during pregnancy and early childhood.

The Center aims to engage and activate parents, healthcare providers and community leaders, and policymakers in efforts to remove unsafe chemicals and toxicants in our communities. The Healthy Home Healthy Child campaign are designed to provide stakeholders with information, resources and support to help promotes health and well-being while fostering a safe and healthful environment.  Please read the “About the Campaign” for more information.

As an avenue of engagement, the Center participates in local community events and host environmentally health conscious events. For example, on July 16, 2011 the Center helped sponsored the CHALK Vive Tu Vida/ Live Your Life Carnival. We also provided educational materials including resources how to reduce pesticide exposure in the home, asthma awareness, mercury awareness, and alternative to toxic household chemicals.  Toxic-free toys for toddlers will provide to promote physical activity and water bottles with tips on how to increase daily water intake were also distributed.  In 2009 the Center hosted “CCCEH Fun Day” for the families involved in our ongoing research studies. The event provided healthy snacks and organized games that encouraged physical activity and health resources for parents.  On Earth Day 2008, The Center published a list of tips, “Easy Ways to ‘Go Green’ and Keep Your Family and Community Safe, Clean and Healthy!”

If your organization would like further information about the Center’s outreach efforts please contact Alyssa Creighton at

About The Campaign:
The Healthy Home Healthy Child community education campaign was launched in 2000 in partnership with WE ACT for Environmental Justice. The goal of the campaign is to raise environmental health awareness of residents in Northern Manhattan and the South Bronx in New York City.

The campaign works at three levels to achieve our goal:

The campaign promotes practical tips for reducing harmful exposures through newsletters, fact sheets, and brochures. Education materials are written for community residents including the families participating in our ongoing studies and distributed at local health fairs, community meetings and at the organizations represented on our CASB.

The campaign supports community-based strategies to learn about the potential risks of environmental hazards and link people to advocate for environmental improvements that will elevate the health status of these neighborhoods. For example, our leading partner WE ACT hosts educational workshops for community leaders advocating for better air quality and other environmental advancements.

The campaign disseminates the Center’s research findings and interventions from the past 12 years to accurately inform the dialogue among advocacy leaders and policymakers to produce policies that adequately protect children’s health.

The campaign works at three levels to achieve our goal: