Center Health Education Materials

The Center develops education materials with the guidance of our CASB and lead partner WE ACT that are culturally relevant and provide practical information.  Our fact sheets, brochures, newsletters and other materials focus on a major environmental pollutant and provide information on the Center’s latest research findings with tips how to lower or avoid harmful exposures. The Center also promotes community capacity building by highlighting local efforts to improve environmental health and resources for additional information.

Health Education Downloads:
Help spread the Campaign’s message by downloading and passing along the materials below.

Center’s Tips of the Month

March 2015: Greening your Indoor Air — Tips for improving indoor air quality

December 2013: Toy Safety — Tips for a safe holiday season

November 2013: Clean Indoor Air — Tips for keeping your home’s air healthy

September 2013: Obesity Awareness Month — Tips for maintaining a healthy weight

August 2013: Back-to-school — Tips for a healthy school year

July 2013: Park & Recreation Month — Tips for celebrating you local park

June 2013: Summer Safety — Tips for a healthy summer

May 2013: Asthma Awareness Month — Tips for controlling asthma triggers

April 2013: Earth Day 2013 — Tips for building a healthier environment

March 2013: Green Cleaning — Tips for toxic-free cleaning

February 2013: Healthy Eating in Winter — Tips to get your nutrients

January 2013: Fresh Indoor Air — Tips for breathing easy indoors

December 2012: Toy Safety — Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

November 2012: Sandy Recovery — Resources for recovering from Sandy

October 2012: Children’s Health Month —Tips for creating a healthy home

September 2012: Back to School — Tips for a toxic-free start to the school year